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The house by the lake

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 by Oamul Lu

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I made a couple of food illustrations for an article on Vikings buffet that’s published in the August 2014 issue of Rogue Magazine. The sushi and the meat for the grills were extremely fun to draw. 

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Most people in America right now think of Iraq as a dangerous country. Now, if I were to stand up, I might get killed. But to us, behind this wheel it’s pretty safe. So to us, Iraq is a safe country. Right here, I feel pretty safe. Do you feel safe? 

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Once more into the great good night. Cry ‘havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war. 

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Delicate Arch  by Lillian Rodriguez


Delicate Arch by Lillian Rodriguez

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Japanese Illustration: Snowy Day. Ryo Takamasa. 2013


Japanese Illustration: Snowy Day. Ryo Takamasa. 2013

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All I have going for me is sarcasm, resting bitch face, huge thighs, and really good eyebrows. 

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Check out the speedpaint of itbut yeah again I gave up and drew Haikyuu fan art… I have no self control ._.


Check out the speedpaint of it

but yeah again I gave up and drew Haikyuu fan art… I have no self control ._.

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Pretty productive week! Went to Ikea and got organizing, went to the art book fair to ogle at all the books I can’t afford, cooked food, went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition on its last day, got my ms marvel comics (!) and watched the boxtrolls \o/ Freshers’ week up next. Time to get all them freshers to join netball

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to fight monsters we created monsters of our own.

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Generation Kill + Charms

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